Your Last Chance To Grab That All Expenses Paid Journey Of A Lifetime

A cross country roadtrip from ‘City of Joy’ to the ‘Kingdom of Happiness’ would be called nothing but the journey of a lifetime. Yes, from Kolkata to Bhutan on roads is that one trip which is capable to ignite all our senses. Continue reading


[VIDEO] A Ride Through The Flying Sands

With this update to my previous post From Dubai On A Sand Storm Day: In Photos, I’m announcing another big thing at GLOBETROTTING INDIAN, for which I need all your love and support. Henceforth, I will be sharing all my destination videos in one place. Yes! You heard it right; I’m starting a new YouTube channel. Continue reading

From Dubai On A Sand Storm Day: In Photos

Major sandstorm hits UAE, blotting out Dubai sky – BBC News

Sandstorm blinds and chokes UAE; bad weather to continue – Khaleej Times

UAE weather: Dust storm covering UAE expected to continue over weekend – The National

For the past two days headlines of the prominent new portals in Middle East were shouting about the sudden weather change in the region. Sand storms are nothing new to the gulf countries, still every time when it hits the land the life in the region goes arduous. In the cities like Dubai, where life stops for nothing, people were struggling to keep up their busy schedules. Sand storms reduce the visibility and up sets the breathing air. Lack of proper precautions may leads to sever health conditions.

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Travel Contest: Win a Stay at My Favorite Places in India!

UPDATE: This contest is over.

A 3 days 2 nights stay at ‘Once a 19th century hunting lodge, Lakshman Sagar’ or A 3 days 2 nights stay ‘Under the yellow rooftops of Te Aroha’ or Having a sublime calendar with some cool travel photos – will be a great idea. It will be more awesome if these are going to be FREE! I wish to bring you an appealing travel contest by Shivya Nath – a wonderful travel blogger who try to motivate everyone to step out of their comfort zone and discover the world.

Ever since I came across her blog I was closely following her journeys throughout. Follow her and you will find her as a bunch of inspirations.

The contest starts on February 11, 2015 and ends on February 22, 2015. Winners will be announced by the end of February. Don’t miss this chance to find yourself in an eco-luxury lodges in India all for free.

Please note: This is just a notification. All the terms and conditions of the contest will be as per the original blog post by Shivya Nath.

The Shooting Star

BIG NEWS: I hit 10,000 likes on my Facebook page, and 12,000 followers on Twitter – both in the same week! Right from the days when I was a vulnerable little fish in the big travel blogging ocean (which I still am, but just a little less vulnerable), my community of readers, travellers and dreamers – aka YOU – have been my backbone. It is to you that I turn to in happy days and not-so-happy ones, and for that I thank you!

Now it’s time for me to give you a little something back. So I reached out to my favorite eco-luxury lodges in India and partnered with them to offer you a chance to win two unforgettable stays. Ready to hit the road?


1) 3 days – 2 nights stay with meals for two at LAKSHMAN SAGAR, Rajasthan.

Lakshman sagar india, Pali rajasthan, Lakshman sagar photos The private plunge pool at Lakshman Sagar!

Once a…

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Lush Green Bandipur – In Pictures & More

Last time when I visited Bandipur, it was September. Opened under ‘The Project Tiger‘ by India government, Bandipur is a beautifully managed national reserve in the state of Karnataka. A haven for nature enthusiasts. For me memories itself are the best souvenirs. And as we all know photography is one of the best techniques to keep our memories safe. Here I am sharing my souvenirs of Bandipur. Continue reading